U.S. Universities Tour: University of Southern California

In a Nutshell The University of Southern California is a private institution located in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles Judge Robert Maclay Widney was instrumental in the foundation of the school, envisioning the creation of a local institute of higher education in what was at the time a rural town. First opened in 1880, USC [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: University of California, Los Angeles

In a Nutshell The University of California, Los Angeles is a large public university with undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, and a strong focus on research. The undergraduate enrollment at UCLA is around 27,000, while the graduate enrollment is about 13,000 students, for a total of almost 40,000 students. Founded in 1919 as the second [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: California Institute of Technology

In a Nutshell California Institute of Technology, usually referred to as Caltech, is another major technology school in the United States. Caltech is a much smaller alternative to MIT and its main rival. A tiny university of a total of 2,231 students, of which less than 1,000 are undergraduate students, Caltech is a private research [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Stanford

In a Nutshell Next, MapsofWorld’s U.S Universities tour moves across the country to our first West Coast school to visit Stanford University next to Palo Alto, California. A private research university situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Stanford has been an important part of some major inventions and innovations in modern society, especially [...]

United States of Mmmerica: Cuisine of California

The cuisine of California is characterized by fresh produce and fusions, from the fertile Salinas Valley, known as the salad bowl of the United States, to the wine countries across the state, and the vast diversity of urban areas like Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. The health-conscious culture paired with the abundance [...]

California – fast facts

Location and Geography: The state of California is one of the largest in the country, taking up nearly two-thirds of the West Coast of the United States. It is perhaps the most diverse state in terms of geography and climate, encompassing many extremes of temperature, biological diversity, and altitude. The highest point in the U.S., [...]