South Carolina – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: South Carolina is located on the southeastern coast of the United States, sandwiched between North Carolina and the state of Georgia. It is considered to be a part of the Deep South region of the U.S. both culturally and geographically. Counties and Regions: South Carolina’s 46 counties can be generally said to [...]

Alabama – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Alabama is located in the center of America’s Deep South, in between the states of Mississippi and Georgia. Like many states near the Gulf of Mexico, it has a wet and humid climate that facilitates an agricultural society. Counties and Regions: Alabama is divided into 67 counties, but can also be recognized [...]

Georgia – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Georgia is located in the southeastern part of the United States, in what is known as the Deep South. It borders the Atlantic Ocean between the states of Florida and South Carolina. The state is known for its hot and humid summers, and is one of the areas of the United States [...]