United States of Mmmerica: Cuisine of Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a unique blend of people and cultures, including the early Polynesians who have inhabited the islands for many years, European explorers, and later immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Portugal and the United States. As a series of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii’s many years of [...]

United States of Mmmerica: Cuisine of Texas

Texas features its own style of Southwestern cuisine – a blend of Southern and Western foods with a Mexican twist. Texas cuisine varies across the expansive state, with greater influences from Mexico closer to its southern border. Texas-influenced Mexican food, dubbed Tex-Mex, has become popular not only across the state, but it has spread around [...]

United States of Mmmerica: Regional cuisine across the nation

For our next series, MapsofWorld will be exploring the cuisine of the United States. We’ll be taking a peek into kitchens across the country in an attempt to define exactly what constitutes American cuisine. Food is at the heart (and stomach) of every culture, and as we take a closer look at the culinary specialties [...]