Colorado – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Colorado is the northeastern member of the Four Corners states, considered to be culturally a part of both the American Southwest and the so-called Mountain States. Colorado is exceptionally mountainous, laying right across the southern part of the Rocky Mountain Range. Like some of the other states in the region, it is [...]

New Mexico–Fast Facts

Location and Geography: New Mexico is a desert state located in the American Southwest, directly to the west of Texas. It occupies the southeastern position of the “Four Corners” states. New Mexico’s climate varies with altitude, but it is generally warm and arid. Like neighboring Arizona, the state is known for its wild beauty. Counties [...]

Arizona – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Arizona is one of the “Four Corners” states of the American Southwest, located directly to the south and east of California. Most of Arizona is a desert, although there are colder, more mountainous regions in the northern part of the state. Arizona has a great deal of national and state parks, and [...]