U.S. Universities Tour: Northwestern University

In a Nutshell Northwestern is a private research university located in the Midwest, just north of Chicago, Illinois. With its twelve undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, Northwestern offers students a wide variety of courses and majors to its many students. Northwestern has a substantial number of students, with approximately 8,300 undergraduate students and 8,100 graduate [...]

United States of Mmmerica: More Midwestern Cuisine

Midwestern cuisine has been influenced by immigrants from several parts of Europe, especially Britain, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. The early British settlers paired their homeland specialties with the available foods of the region, resulting in mild-flavored meat-and-potatoes dishes, which have become a symbol that represents all-American cuisine. The later waves of immigrants came from Germany, [...]

United States of Mmmerica: Cuisine of the Midwest

The Midwest, considered America’s heartland, is home to many regional specialties and some of the most iconic foods of the United States. Though Midwestern food is not the fanciest cuisine, many of these dishes are symbols of Americana. From hot dish to Jell-O salad, these comfort foods are a product of a culture based on [...]

Iowa – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: A Midwestern state, Iowa is considered to be a part of the American Heartland. Located just to the west of the Mississippi River, it is covered with rolling hills and fertile soil. Most of Iowa has been given over to farming, with very little of its natural terrain remaining. Counties and Regions: [...]

Indiana – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Indiana is located in the Midwestern part of the United States, in an area known as the Rust Belt (due to the local emphasis on manufacturing and automotive technology). Much of Indiana is flat and fertile, although some sections are hilly and rocky. Counties and Regions: Indiana has 92 counties split over [...]

Illinois – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Illinois is a medium-sized state in the American Midwest, in a position of strategic importance bordering both the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River system. It is blessed with abundant natural resources, but can also be vulnerable to extreme weather in the form of blizzards and tornadoes. Counties and Regions: Illinois has [...]