U.S. Universities Tour: Dartmouth College

In a Nutshell Dartmouth College, the smallest school in the Ivy League, is a private liberal arts university located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Dartmouth’s undergraduate population numbers about 4,200 students while the graduate programs have about 1,900 students, for a total student population of about 6,100. While Dartmouth’s major focus is on its undergraduate programs, [...]

United States of Mmmerica: Cuisine of New England

As one of the early English settlements in North America, the region known as New England has a long history of culture and cuisine. From the first pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, settlers in the New World began to adapt recipes from their homeland to the new ingredients found on the lands [...]

New Hampshire – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: New Hampshire is located in the historic New England portion of the United States, and is the northernmost New England state other than Maine. Its proximity to Quebec means that New Hampshire shares some common heritage with French Canadians. Counties and Regions: New Hampshire is a small state with only ten counties, [...]