United States of Mmmerica: Cuisine of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a region known for its seafood, and its healthy, fresh, and local foods. The Pacific Northwest of the United States, for our purposes, includes the states of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Both Oregon and Washington are part of Cascadia, the region that is situated in the Cascade Mountain Range, and are [...]

Idaho – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Idaho is state in the Pacific Northwest that lies directly to the east of Oregon and Washington, with its northern point touching Canada. Most of Idaho’s terrain is made up of a series of mountain ranges, supporting thick forests and clean rivers. Counties and Regions: There are 44 counties in Idaho, which [...]

Oregon–Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Oregon is located in the portion of the United States known as the Pacific Northwest, directly beneath the state of Washington. Oregon is known for its evergreen forests and for the Cascade Mountains, which divide the state from north to south. On the western side of the Cascades, the state is green [...]