U.S. Universities Tour: Carnegie Mellon

In a Nutshell Carnegie Mellon is a highly ranked private university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its 11,530 students are nearly equally divided between the undergraduate and graduate schools, with 6,020 undergrads, and 5,510 graduate and doctoral students. Carnegie Mellon offers distinct academic programs in a variety of fields, from science and technology to arts and the [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Rice University

In a Nutshell Rice University is a private university with a focus on undergraduate education and research. Rice is located in Houston, Texas and is a medium sized school, with about 3,708 undergraduate students and about 2,374 graduate students in its eight schools. These eight schools are the School of Architecture, Brown School of Engineering, [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: California Institute of Technology

In a Nutshell California Institute of Technology, usually referred to as Caltech, is another major technology school in the United States. Caltech is a much smaller alternative to MIT and its main rival. A tiny university of a total of 2,231 students, of which less than 1,000 are undergraduate students, Caltech is a private research [...]