Delaware – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Delaware is the second-smallest state in the country, located on the East Coast and sharing a peninsula with the state of Maryland. It is surrounded by large cities and metropolitan areas, with much of the land area of Delaware being given over to suburbs. Counties and Regions: Delaware has only three counties, [...]

Maryland – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Maryland is one of the states that borders the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. (the other being Virginia). It is located more or less on the intangible geographical and cultural border that divides the Northern and Southern regions of the country, and this has defined much of its history. Counties [...]

Maine – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Maine is the northernmost state on America’s East Coast and is also the easternmost state out of the entire United States. It is known for its rugged topography, with much of the area being covered with mountains and pine forests. Seafood is an important part of Maine culture, as the majority of [...]

Vermont – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Vermont is a state in the northern part of the East Coast, and is the nation’s smallest landlocked state. It is somewhat less urbanized than many other eastern states and is known for its lush forests and maple trees. Counties and Regions: At its inception, Vermont only had two counties, but over [...]

Idaho – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Idaho is state in the Pacific Northwest that lies directly to the east of Oregon and Washington, with its northern point touching Canada. Most of Idaho’s terrain is made up of a series of mountain ranges, supporting thick forests and clean rivers. Counties and Regions: There are 44 counties in Idaho, which [...]

New Hampshire – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: New Hampshire is located in the historic New England portion of the United States, and is the northernmost New England state other than Maine. Its proximity to Quebec means that New Hampshire shares some common heritage with French Canadians. Counties and Regions: New Hampshire is a small state with only ten counties, [...]

Montana – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Montana is a Mountain State located right smack dab in the middle of the longest land border between Canada and the United States. Roughly a third of Montana, on the western side, is made up of several mountain ranges, while the rest is somewhat less rugged. The climate is rather dry, but [...]

South Dakota – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: South Dakota is located, unsurprisingly, directly beneath the state of North Dakota. It is split in half by the Missouri River, with the “East River” section being more flat and fertile and the “West River” section being more rugged and hilly. Counties and Regions: There are 66 counties in South Dakota, with [...]

North Dakota – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: North Dakota is geographically in the center of the North American continent, but it is located at the very northern edge of the contiguous United States. It directly borders Canada along the 49th Parallel. The landscape of North Dakota is quite rugged and largely semi-arid, although the temperature is often cold. Counties [...]

Michigan – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Michigan is bounded on several sides by four of the five Great Lakes, giving it the longest freshwater boundary of any administrative entity in the world. It consists of two gigantic peninsulas on either side of Lake Michigan. In addition, its landscape is known for its many smaller lakes and waterways. Counties [...]