Wisconsin – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Wisconsin is a state in the Midwest region, bordering two of the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan and Lake Superior). Much of Wisconsin’s natural flora has been replaced by farms, but attempts to reintroduce its lost forestation have been generally successful. Counties and Regions: Wisconsin has 72 counties, which tend to get smaller [...]

Iowa – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: A Midwestern state, Iowa is considered to be a part of the American Heartland. Located just to the west of the Mississippi River, it is covered with rolling hills and fertile soil. Most of Iowa has been given over to farming, with very little of its natural terrain remaining. Counties and Regions: [...]

Indiana – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Indiana is located in the Midwestern part of the United States, in an area known as the Rust Belt (due to the local emphasis on manufacturing and automotive technology). Much of Indiana is flat and fertile, although some sections are hilly and rocky. Counties and Regions: Indiana has 92 counties split over [...]

Ohio – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Ohio is located right between the Northeastern and Midwestern areas of the United States, directly below Lake Erie. Its central position and numerous waterways have continually assured its place as a major shipping and trading hub within the country. Counties and Regions: Ohio’s 88 counties cover a wide range of geological areas [...]

Kansas – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Kansas is located almost directly in the center of the continental United States, at the convergence of the major regions known as the Midwest, the American South, and the American Southwest. It is known for its prime agricultural land, but it often suffers extreme weather in the form of tornadoes and blizzards. [...]

Utah – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Utah is the northwestern of the Four Corner States, located in the Southwestern region of the U.S. The stark beauty of its deserts and bluffs are well known throughout the nation and the world. It is also home to one of the country’s most unique lakes, the Great Salt Lake. Counties and [...]

Kentucky – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Kentucky is located directly above Tennessee and the the west of Virginia, an is usually considered to be culturally a part of the American South (although not the Deep South, as it is right on the border of the Midwestern and Northeastern regions). The state has a great deal of biological and [...]

Nebraska – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Nebraska is a Midwestern state that is made up entirely of a plains landscape. Despite some problems with droughts and grasshopper swarms, it is a prime location for agriculture and remains largely made up of farms. Counties and Regions: Nebraska is comprised of 93 counties and straddles two time zones, the Central [...]

Alabama – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Alabama is located in the center of America’s Deep South, in between the states of Mississippi and Georgia. Like many states near the Gulf of Mexico, it has a wet and humid climate that facilitates an agricultural society. Counties and Regions: Alabama is divided into 67 counties, but can also be recognized [...]

Oklahoma – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Oklahoma is often considered to be a Southern state, but it lies in the confluence of several cultural and geographic regions (the South, the Southwest, and the Midwest/Plains States). It is known for its extreme weather and is particularly vulnerable to thunderstorms and tornadoes. Counties and Regions: Oklahoma is divided into 77 [...]