U.S. Universities Tour: Stanford

In a Nutshell Next, MapsofWorld’s U.S Universities tour moves across the country to our first West Coast school to visit Stanford University next to Palo Alto, California. A private research university situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Stanford has been an important part of some major inventions and innovations in modern society, especially [...]

Washington – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Washington (often called “Washington state” to distinguish it from Washington, D.C.) is located in the far northwest section of the coterminous United States, bordering the Pacific Ocean. It has a rainforest-like environment in its western part, while its eastern side is much more arid. The state is home to several dangerous volcanoes [...]

California – fast facts

Location and Geography: The state of California is one of the largest in the country, taking up nearly two-thirds of the West Coast of the United States. It is perhaps the most diverse state in terms of geography and climate, encompassing many extremes of temperature, biological diversity, and altitude. The highest point in the U.S., [...]