Tennessee – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Tennessee is located in the Southern United States. It borders eight other states, tying it with Missouri for bordering the highest number of states. Tennessee borders the following states: Kentucky Virginia North Carolina Georgia Alabama Mississippi Arkansas Missouri The Mississippi River follows Tennessee’s western border near Memphis, while the Cumberland flows in [...]

Mississippi – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Mississippi is a state in the Southern Gulf region of the United States, right along the Mississippi River where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. It is a low-altitude, wet, and humid area that is frequently vulnerable to tropical storms. Counties and Regions: Mississippi has a large number of counties, with [...]

India – A Perspective

A nation of over a billion people, with millions of interpretations, India is a live force that’s just beginning to be understood. We are changing across all parameters and are increasingly seen as a land of opportunity by the rest of the world. From snake charmers to software solutions providers, the perception of India has [...]

Delhi – A Perspective

Delhi is a city where dreams come true. Throughout India’s history, many rulers have created empires, spread over the Indian subcontinent, with Delhi as their capital. Over the centuries, Delhi has seen many attain their destiny. From the Rajputs to the Mughals, to the British, to the leaders of modern India, dreams of power have [...]

New Mexico–Fast Facts

Location and Geography: New Mexico is a desert state located in the American Southwest, directly to the west of Texas. It occupies the southeastern position of the “Four Corners” states. New Mexico’s climate varies with altitude, but it is generally warm and arid. Like neighboring Arizona, the state is known for its wild beauty. Counties [...]

Louisiana – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Louisiana is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River on the Gulf of Mexico, right between the states of Texas and Mississippi. The Mississippi River is the lifeblood of Louisiana, having built up the land itself by depositing silt along its banks as it poured into the Gulf. There is much [...]

Arizona – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Arizona is one of the “Four Corners” states of the American Southwest, located directly to the south and east of California. Most of Arizona is a desert, although there are colder, more mountainous regions in the northern part of the state. Arizona has a great deal of national and state parks, and [...]

Nevada – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: The state of Nevada is found in the western part of the United States, located between California and the so-called “Four Corners” of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Nevada is a very dry state, and its land area is largely made up of desert. Nevada is the largest U.S. state that [...]

Georgia – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Georgia is located in the southeastern part of the United States, in what is known as the Deep South. It borders the Atlantic Ocean between the states of Florida and South Carolina. The state is known for its hot and humid summers, and is one of the areas of the United States [...]

Oregon–Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Oregon is located in the portion of the United States known as the Pacific Northwest, directly beneath the state of Washington. Oregon is known for its evergreen forests and for the Cascade Mountains, which divide the state from north to south. On the western side of the Cascades, the state is green [...]