U.S. Universities Tour: Duke University

In a Nutshell Duke University is the next university on the MapsofWorld U.S. Universities Tour, and is a top tier private university with a high level of research activity. This school has been ranked one of the most difficult universities to get into, and has an admissions rate of about 13 percent. Duke has two [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: University of Pennsylvania

In a Nutshell Next on the MapsofWorld U.S. Universities Tour is the University of Pennsylvania, another private Ivy League school, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Penn, as the school is often called, conducts a high level of research and contains many colleges within the university system. There are four schools with undergraduate programs at Penn and [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Williams College

In a Nutshell Williams College is a private liberal arts school located in the Berkshire Mountains of northwestern Massachusetts, in a city called Williamstown. Williams is a small school with an undergraduate population of just over 2,000, and a few graduate programs that focus on the history of art and development economics. Though Williams is [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: The University of Chicago

In a Nutshell For the first Midwestern school on our list, the U.S. Universities tour has selected the University of Chicago. Situated just south of Chicago in the Hyde Park neighborhood, the University of Chicago is a private university with a focus on research in many fields. The University of Chicago offers fifty majors and [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: California Institute of Technology

In a Nutshell California Institute of Technology, usually referred to as Caltech, is another major technology school in the United States. Caltech is a much smaller alternative to MIT and its main rival. A tiny university of a total of 2,231 students, of which less than 1,000 are undergraduate students, Caltech is a private research [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In a Nutshell Our U.S. universities tour heads back to Cambridge, Massachusetts to the next university on our list, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT is a private, polytechnic research school that has one of the best programs for STEM education, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. MIT was chartered in 1861, just [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Stanford

In a Nutshell Next, MapsofWorld’s U.S Universities tour moves across the country to our first West Coast school to visit Stanford University next to Palo Alto, California. A private research university situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Stanford has been an important part of some major inventions and innovations in modern society, especially [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Columbia University

In a Nutshell Columbia University is another private Ivy League school, and one of the top universities of the United States. Located in Manhattan, New York City, Columbia offers quality education in the heart of a major world center for—well, everything. Columbia College was one of the earliest American universities, first opened in 1754 as [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Yale

In a Nutshell Yale rounds out the top three for universities in the United States, coming in just behind its closest competitors, Princeton and Harvard. Founded in 1701, Yale is the third oldest institution of higher education in the nation. Yale was originally focused on religion and science, since the college was first opened during [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Harvard

In a Nutshell The next stop on our tour of U.S. universities is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard University was founded in 1636, making it the oldest school of higher education in the United States. Harvard tops many lists of best universities in the United States for its distinguished faculty and alumni, strong research and academic [...]