U.S. Universities Tour: Conclusion

The U.S. Universities Tour took a journey around the nation to figure out which universities should be included in our list of the top universities in the United States. The methodology we used involved examining several aspects of each university we considered, including academic programs, selectivity of admissions, tuition costs and financial aid options. Since [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Washington University in St. Louis

In a Nutshell Washington University in St. Louis is a mid-sized independent university located in Missouri. Seven schools within Washington University (also known as Wash U) offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to its nearly 12,000 students, which are divided about equally between undergraduate and graduate programs. Washington University was the result of [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: University of Notre Dame

In a Nutshell Notre Dame University is a private Catholic institution located near South Bend, Indiana, with undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. Around 8,402 undergraduate students, 3,552 graduate students, and 1,547 doctorate students are enrolled in programs at Notre Dame, for a total student population of about 12,004. Notre Dame has eight schools and programs, [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Emory University

In a Nutshell Emory University is a private university, located near metropolitan Atlanta in Druid Hills, Georgia. With two undergraduate colleges and seven graduate and professional schools, Emory has a total of about 13,893 students enrolled, 7,441 of which are undergraduates, while 6,453 are enrolled in the graduate and professional schools. Emory College was founded [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Johns Hopkins University

In a Nutshell Johns Hopkins University is a private institution of higher education in Baltimore, Maryland with four main campuses in the area. As the self-described first research university in the United States, Johns Hopkins has incorporated research into both undergraduate and graduate education to create the highly regarded university it is today. Johns Hopkins, [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: University of Southern California

In a Nutshell The University of Southern California is a private institution located in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles Judge Robert Maclay Widney was instrumental in the foundation of the school, envisioning the creation of a local institute of higher education in what was at the time a rural town. First opened in 1880, USC [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Carnegie Mellon

In a Nutshell Carnegie Mellon is a highly ranked private university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its 11,530 students are nearly equally divided between the undergraduate and graduate schools, with 6,020 undergrads, and 5,510 graduate and doctoral students. Carnegie Mellon offers distinct academic programs in a variety of fields, from science and technology to arts and the [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Vanderbilt University

In a Nutshell Vanderbilt University is a private institute if higher education that is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and is considered one of the top universities in the region. A strong emphasis on research and undergraduate studies makes Vanderbilt a great option for higher education. Vanderbilt is a medium-sized university, with undergraduate enrollment at around [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: Rice University

In a Nutshell Rice University is a private university with a focus on undergraduate education and research. Rice is located in Houston, Texas and is a medium sized school, with about 3,708 undergraduate students and about 2,374 graduate students in its eight schools. These eight schools are the School of Architecture, Brown School of Engineering, [...]

U.S. Universities Tour: University of California, Los Angeles

In a Nutshell The University of California, Los Angeles is a large public university with undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, and a strong focus on research. The undergraduate enrollment at UCLA is around 27,000, while the graduate enrollment is about 13,000 students, for a total of almost 40,000 students. Founded in 1919 as the second [...]