Massachusetts – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a New England state found directly beneath New Hampshire and Vermont. It is known for its complicated system of bays and capes, as well as the socially and historically important city of Boston. Counties and Regions: Massachusetts has fourteen counties, although some of these are actually less [...]

Rhode Island – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Rhode Island is notable for being the smallest state in the country, located in the New England region directly underneath Massachusetts. Much of Rhode Island’s mass is actually made up of water, although, contrary to its common name, it is not an island but a coastal area. Counties and Regions: Rhode Island, [...]

North Carolina – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: North Carolina is located along the eastern coastline of the United States, right between the states of Virginia and South Carolina. Though it is considered to be a part of the American South culturally and geographically, North Carolina’s central position has facilitated mixed sentiments on many issues, both historically and in the [...]

Delaware – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Delaware is the second-smallest state in the country, located on the East Coast and sharing a peninsula with the state of Maryland. It is surrounded by large cities and metropolitan areas, with much of the land area of Delaware being given over to suburbs. Counties and Regions: Delaware has only three counties, [...]

Maryland – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Maryland is one of the states that borders the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. (the other being Virginia). It is located more or less on the intangible geographical and cultural border that divides the Northern and Southern regions of the country, and this has defined much of its history. Counties [...]

New Hampshire – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: New Hampshire is located in the historic New England portion of the United States, and is the northernmost New England state other than Maine. Its proximity to Quebec means that New Hampshire shares some common heritage with French Canadians. Counties and Regions: New Hampshire is a small state with only ten counties, [...]

West Virginia – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: West Virginia is a bag-shaped state that is located directly to the north and west of Virginia, the original colony from which it was formed. It is the only state in America that is located entirely within the Appalachian Mountain Range, and this landscape has created the basis for much of its [...]

Virginia – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Virginia, which is not only one of the Thirteen Original Colonies but also the oldest English-speaking colony in the nation, is located on the eastern coast of North America. It is directly between the geographical and socio-political regions of the North and the South, and has been something of a crossroads between [...]

Georgia – Fast Facts

Location and Geography: Georgia is located in the southeastern part of the United States, in what is known as the Deep South. It borders the Atlantic Ocean between the states of Florida and South Carolina. The state is known for its hot and humid summers, and is one of the areas of the United States [...]

Pennsylvania-Fast Facts

Location and Geography: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the only original U.S. colony not to border the sea, being mostly surrounded by land and with a small connection to Lake Erie in the northwest. The state is known for its rivers and wooded areas, extending from a cold mountainous region in the west to a [...]